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Slides from ICC Meeting Amsterdam 2022
Controversies in Compression Therapy

All underlined presentations are downloadable. 
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Pro and Con

ECS or inelastic compression in VLU treatment

Mosti, Giovanni: in favor of inelastic material
Milic, Dragan: in favor of ECS

ECS or inelastic compression in edema treatment 

Flour, Mieke: in favor of ECS
Stöberl, Christiane: in favor of inelastic material 

Compression or no compression in diabetic patients 

Piaggesi, Alberto: in favor of compression 
Hirsch, Tobias: in favor of no compression

Compression or no compression in venous post-procedures 

Uhl, Jean François: in favor of compression 
Benigni, Jean-Patrick: in favor of no compresion 

Education in compression or choice of easy device 

Da Matta, Eduardo: in favor of education 
Wittens, Cees: in favor of easy devices

Is compression therapy contraindicated for lower leg erysipelas/cellulitis? 


Eder, Stephan: in favor of compression 
Adham, Salma: in favor of no compression

Compression or no compression in sport activities 

Gianesini, Sergio: in favor of compression 
Rabe, Eberhard: in favor of no compression


Compression or no compression in arterial patients

Schuren, Jan: in favor of compression 
Kees, Peter de Roos: in favor of no compression 

Compression or no compression in PTS

Caprini, Joe: in favor of compression
Piller, Neil: in favor of no compression



Free Oral Communications

Schingale, Franz Josef: Compression in Monstrous Lymphedema 
Convert, Reynald: Evaluation of the effects of bandage types on interface pressure and its variation while walking and at rest 
Zaleska, Marzanna: A high force 3 x 30 min compression method of foot and calf removes most edema fluid and enables immediate usage high compression garment

Toonen, Jean-Paul: new device: "De Helpsoq"
Uhl, Jean-Francois: Computer modeling, chronic venous disorders and medical compression

Burke, Darren: End User Study Assessing the Performance of a Pressure Sensing Device For Compression Therapy
Cameron, Andrew: Development of a wearable pressure sensing device for compression therapy: Challenges and Opportunities

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