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ICC-CQ Questionnaire

In Cooperation with Nele Devoogdt

In September 2013, the board of the International Compression Club came with idea to develop a compression questionnaire. Based on input from experts in the field of compression therapy and patients wearing compression products, the ICC Compression Questionnaire (ICC-CQ) has been constructed. The Dutch version of the ICC-CQ is reliable and valid. Cross-cultural validity of the English version still has to be demonstrated.

The purpose of the ICC-CQ is to evaluate the effect of different kinds of compression materials and systems and its acceptance and experience by the patient. The compression questionnaire is developed to be used for longitudinal comparative studies.

The target population is patients using compression for different causes and at different locations.

The questionnaire consist of two parts: one part has to be filled out by the patients and the other part by the health care provider.

Questionnaires for patients and health care providers which have been translated by medical experts and a professional office into GERMAN (thanks to Prof. Hafner, Zurich) are also  available on  request.

Please note that up to 2018 only the Dutch version has been validated.

Everybody may use the ICC-CQ. 
In regard to maintain an overview of the use and the investigation of its cross-cultural validity, we ask you to send a mail to contact us in order to receive the questionnaire.


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