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International Compression School

Bringing Compression to Developing and Emerging Nations


Pictures from the ICS in Hyderabad, India and Recife, Brazil

Proper Compression Needs Training!

Compression therapy is an extremely effective treatment modality, the efficiency of which is often underestimated or neglected.
Unfortunately there is a lack of training everywhere in the world to various degrees and education as well as theoretical knowledge and practical skill for compression providers is usually very poor.

Having participated in international medical conferences all over the industrialised world the ICC has gained some experiences on basic compression knowledge in these regions.

In addition to keeping on with educational compression courses in industrialised countries the ICC has come to the conclusion that education in developing countries is even less available.

These countries often have an enormous population with rapidly growing wealth, economy and quality of life while still representing a virtually untapped marked for many “western” companies.

Needs and expectations of the population and healthcare professionals are increasing by the day, making this the perfect time for a more widespread focus on non-emergency care like compression.

While many companies already have agents or subsidiaries in these countries, the market often hasn’t reached its potential yet due to the lack of educated professionals and caregivers, who are usually inexperienced.

All this led to the founding of the ICC Compression School with the goal of offering education on compression therapy in developing countries wherever it is requested.

Impressions from the first ever ICS in January 2019 at the Apollo Medical College in Hyderabad, India 


For interested companies the ICC offers a complete (theoretical and practical) educational course on compression covering the following topics:

Compression Material

  • Technical Aspects

  • Hemodynamic Effects

  • Clinical Effects

Clinical Indications

  • Compression in Different Clinical Stages 

  • Chronic Edema

  • Leg Ulcers

  • Lymphedema

  • SVT, DVT: Prophylaxis and Therapy 

  • Post Thrombotic Syndrome

Compression For Special Situations

  • After Venous Procedures

  • After Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Long Travel

  • Sport

  • Challenging Dogmas

  • Precautions and Contraindications

  • Compression in Hot Climates

Hands on!

Theoretical presentations take turns with practical hands on sessions.

Different tutors (all experts in their field) have “stations” to show the participants who are divided into groups all the compression devices  (inelastic and elastic bandages, elastic stockings, elastic kits, compression wraps, pumps, intermittent compression devices), their indications and application modalities.

Course Length: Variable, 2 days on average.


Learning objectives are adjusted according to pre existing knowledge and experience of the attendants. 

A big emphasis is on educating potential teachers who can then assist locally in future courses:
Teach The Teachers First!

Participants receive a manuscript of all the presentation and a certificate of attendance. 

Who is going to support the ICS financially? 

Funds are gathered using the following resources: 

  • companies interested in spreading education and sales of their products

  • local partners

  • medical schools

  • societies

  • entrance fees (where economically possible)

Several companies may participate simultaneously in these courses.
Participant groups rotate around the different stations which are sponsored by one company each, displaying exclusively their product.

An alternative is organising a ICS session with either one single company or 2-3 non competing ones.
In this case only the compression devices of the participant companies will be shown.

Why should your company support us? 

  • ICC is a non-profit organisation spreading balanced, scientifically robust   information provided by international experts

  • Stimulating local centres of expertise is beneficial both financially (opening up new markets for your products) as well as ethically (contributing to better quality health care around the world)

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